29th March 2012


uncleclustersthirdbrain said: Skeev losing an arm in battle, and being forced to resign from the Aeneid.

"AGH!" was the only thing that escaped Skeev’s mouth, before the giant Reaper shot it’s cannon at a building, sending it down, a giant piece of concrete crushing Skeev’s arm. Just like that, Skeev started slipping in and out of consciousness. Before long, he was passed out.

Skeev woke up in the Medical Bay, still groggy from excessive pain killers and medi-gel. He saw Issa sitting at the desk, doing paperwork.

"Hey, Issa, what the hell happened?" Skeev asked, staring at the doctor.

"Look at your right arm, dummy."

Skeev glanced down at his right arm, which was no longer there. His arm had to be amputated, since it could not be saved. This cannot be happening, he thought. Skeev was right handed, for god sake.

"What happened to my arm, dammit!?" Skeev bellowed, looking at the stump protruding from his shoulder.

"That giant slab of concrete crushed it, breaking damn near every bone in it. The only way to save you was to amputate it. On the bright side, you don’t have another aneurysm, at least." Issa replied, still looking at his documents. The Medical Bay doors than opened, and Vorcin entered the room.

"Skeev, I hate to break the news to you, but with your condition…you must resign from the Aeneid, and return to Tuchanka."

"No…this cannot be happening…doctor, tell him I’m okay!" Skeev cried out.

"You have to leave, Skeev, I’m sorry." Issa said, regrettably.

With nothing else to say, Skeev got up from his bed in the Medical Bay, and exited, taking an elevator down to the Shuttle Bay.