29th March 2012


mirjoume said: Skeev's first meeting with his eventual wife.

Skeev was on his usual routine, practicing his biotics on Tuchanka. Wrex called him on his omni-tool, and told him that he was requested to meet a Krogan female at the port. Surprised, he stopped training, and made haste for the space port.

As he arrived, he saw the female standing there, guarded by two Salarian soldiers.

"What are you doing on our planet, Salarian?" Skeev asked one of the soldiers.

"We have come to deliver this female. She has requested to see you personally. We are not sure why." the soldier replied.

"Uh…thanks, I guess. Now get outta here."

The soldiers dismissed themselves, returning to their ship. The female approached Skeev, eying him up and down.

"You must be Skeev of Clan Urdnot. My name shall be unknown to you, for now."

"Alright, slow down. I haven’t seen a Krogan female in a long time. Who are you, and why have you requested my presence?" Skeev responded, quirking an "eyebrow".

"…My name is Asha. The Salarians have injected a possible cure of the Genophage into my blood. They want me to… "test" the cure, so I thought that I would "test" it with an honorable Krogan." Asha exclaimed, not changing the steady tone of her voice.

Skeev chuckled. “Heh heh heh…I don’t mind that.”